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Jane Ann Fosson | Attorney at Law

As an attorney who spent more than five years representing employers of all sizes at a boutique employment law firm in San Antonio, Texas, I understand the work that goes into building relationships of trust with corporate clients.  In addition to developing a deep understanding of a client’s business strategy and operations, outside counsel must be able to provide consistently excellent and practical legal advice and support under tight time constraints.  Finding attorneys who have the time and experience to provide the kind of representation corporate clients need can be a challenge for firms and in-house legal departments of any size. 

I started Fosson Legal Services, PLLC to help busy attorneys ride the waves of their practice’s success while also maintaining the high standards of excellence that helped them earn the trust of their clients in the first place.  Whether your corporate client seeks advice and counsel on an emerging employment law issue, support in an employment or business litigation matter, a new handbook or employment policy, assistance investigating and responding to a charge of discrimination, a separation agreement, or an employee training, Fosson Legal Services, PLLC can help you provide the legal support they need.  Click here to learn more about my services. 


As a former federal law clerk and employment law practitioner, I have the experience needed to add targeted value to your legal team.


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